1907 Fiji Jamborees Dinner Program

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Abstract/Description: These “Fiji Jamborees” resulted in the organization of the New York Club. The banquet lasted four hours, 8 to midnight, with 214 attending. The speakers include three Archon Presidents: Orion Cheney (NYU 1897), Horace Brightman (Columbia 1892), and Newton D. Baker (Johns Hopkins 1892, W&L 1894) . . . the same brothers for whom the Cheney Cup, Brightman Trophy, and Baker Cup are named.

“On Saturday, February 2, and the Hotel Astor, occurred the most splendid and successful meeting of Phi Gamma Delta ever held in New York,” crowed The Phi Gamma Delta. “The immediate cause of this assemblage was a call sent out by Section Chief Cheney to the Columbia, New York, Trinity and Yale chapters for a convention at which the things that were of most importance to the fraternity could be discussed. Inasmuch as New York is the home of many hundreds of Fijis, it was thought advisable to have as many of these men present as possible, and to extend a general invitation to all members of the fraternity, and in order to accomplish this the inducement was held out that President Baker and Secretary Pogue would be on hand ….Each chapter presented a paper on fraternity topics, and Yale put on a model initiation. Discussions then turned to organizing a club for the thousand or so brothers in New York…..Before the crowd dispersed steps had been taken toward organizing a Phi Gamma Delta Club and a committee appointed with power to secure permanent quarters.”

Subject(s): Greater Phi Gamma Delta