1950 William S. Zerman (University of Michigan 1949) Video

Abstract/Description: Video by William S. Zerman (University of Michigan 1949) taken between 1951-1953 (based upon date codes stamped into the original film). The video appears to be part personal including possible family members, but also includes fraternity travel as well. The video starts in New Orleans then moves to what appears to be family images, then a golf game. Next there is what appears to be a heavy snow storm. Part of the video appears to be a trip to California in a car that is painted with "Beat California, Go Mich[igan]". The end of the video is a military parade as part of a funeral with a flag-draped casket.

The video is 15:24 minute sin length. It is an 8 mm, Kodak film on a 200 foot reel with 1951 and 1953 Kodak date codes embedded into the film.

Subject(s): Greater Phi Gamma Delta