1953 William S. Zerman (University of Michigan 1947) Home Video

Abstract/Description: This silent movie is one of a series of movies made by William S. Zerman (University of Michigan 1949) when he traveled as a field secretary and some after that time. This video is believed to date around 1953 (after he completed his time as a field secretary in 1951). The 1953 date is based upon a Kodak date stamp on the video.

This video mixes some fraternity and some family. The video starts at the University of Michigan in the football stadium and has some footage at the chapter house. There is then footage of what is presumed to be his family. The video concludes in Washington D.C. (where the International Fraternity Headquarters was located at the time).

The color video was digitized from an 8 mm Kodak film on a 200 foot metal reel.

Subject(s): Alpha Phi
Greater Phi Gamma Delta
Alpha Phi; University of Michigan