1951 William S. Zerman (University of Michigan 1949) Movie - West Coast

Abstract/Description: This silent color movie of 16:01 minute duration is one of a series of movies filmed by William S. Zerman (University of Michigan 1949) during his travels as field secretary. This movie is filmed mainly on the west coast of the United States.

The film starts at the University of Arizona home to the Upsilon Alpha chapter and shows the chapter house. The next location in the movie is the city of Los Angeles, California, home to the Lambda Alpha chapter. The movie then shows a trip to the Empire Ranch in Arizona. The movie finishes up at the University of Texas home to the Tau Deuteron chapter. The Littlefield Fountain on the campus is shown.

The movie is digitized from Kodak 8 mm film in a metal reel of 200 foot length.

Subject(s): Tau Deuteron
Field Secretary
Greater Phi Gamma Delta
Upsilon Alpha
Lambda Alpha
Upsilon Alpha; University of Arizona
Lambda Alpha; University of California Los Angeles
Tau Deuteron; University of Texas