1951 William S. Zerman (University of Michigan 1949) Video

Abstract/Description: This silent movie is one of a series filmed by William S. Zerman (University of Michigan 1949) during his time as a field secretary. The movie is 17:58 minutes in length. This movie starts in New York City at the Nu Epsilon chapter at New York University. One of the buildings featured is the north entrance to the Hall of Fame. Additional footage of New York City is included. The movie then shows footage of Louisiana State University home to the Beta Rho chapter. Shown are the LSU football stadium and the mascot of LSU.

The footage picks up at the 11:57 mark in Clinton, Louisiana at the cemetery which is the final resting place for Phi Gamma Delta founder Daniel Webster Crofts (Jefferson College 1848). The grave site is shown as well as the overall area around the grave. It is easy to see why it was so difficult to locate Crofts' burial site after his death.

The movie concludes with a football game at an unknown location.

The video is digitized from a Kodak 8 mm film on a metal reel of 200 foot length.

Subject(s): Alpha
Field Secretary
Greater Phi Gamma Delta
Nu Epsilon
Beta Rho
Nu Epsilon; New York University
Beta Rho; Louisiana State University
Alpha; Washington & Jefferson College