1945 (circa) Recording of Private Darrell Devoe (University of Nebraska 1949)

Abstract/Description: Audio recording of Private Darrell "Denil" Devoe (University of Nebraska 1949) from c. 1945. This 1:17 audio was recorded in San Francisco as part of a service of the Pepsi-Cola company which set up booths in larger US cities and recorded audios from servicemen and women to be sent to family and friends. The recording was sent to Mrs. Mae Minier, housemother at the University of Nebraska. Mrs. Minier was refereed to as "mom" by Devoe, which was a term of endearment by members of the chapter. The first five seconds of the audio are hard to understand. This part was a standard greeting by the Pepsi-Cola employee introducing Devoe.

While the complete provenance of this recording is not know, we have clues.

Devoe is stationed at Camp Kohler, near Sacramento, California. This camp was destroyed by a fire in 1947, so we know the recording predates that time. Camp Kohler's predecessor was a Japanese internment and transfer camp before becoming a Signal Corp Replacement Center on December 1, 1942. So it is reasonable to date this recording between late 1942 through 1947.

However there are clues that this audio dates to the wind down or aftermath of WWII. Devoe mentions Reid attending school at Penn State. Reid appears to be his brother. Both men pledged and initiated the University of Nebraska chapter [Darrell class of 1949 and Reid class of 1947]. Since it is obvious that Devoe was already part of the chapter at the time of the recording, it is assumed that his education was interrupted by WWII.

Subject(s): Audio
Lambda Nu; University of Nebraska
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