1980 c. Interview with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (Ohio Wesleyan University 1920)

Abstract/Description: c. 1980 interview with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (Ohio Wesleyan University 1920) conducted by Bob Albin (University of Missouri 1962). The run time of the color video is 21:19 in length.

The video starts with Bob Albin (University of Missouri 1962) discussing the values of Phi Gamma Delta. The bulk of the video is an interview of Dr. Peale as he discussed meeting President Calvin Coolidge (Amherst College 1895); rooming with Cecil J. "Scoop" Wilkinson (Ohio Wesleyan University 1917) at the Theta Deuteron chapter house; and various other Phi Gamma Delta stories.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was a noted author and minister. The author of over 30 books, Peale is most noted as the author of the self-help book, The Power of Positive Thinking. In a documentary on his life, five US presidents (Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush) spoke well of him. President Clinton wrote a touching tribute to him upon his death on December 24, 1993.

Bob Albin served as archon councilor from 1982-1984 and archon president from 1984-1986.

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Theta Deuteron; Ohio Wesleyan University
Chi Mu; University of Missouri