1961-1965 Scrapbook from the Sigma Nu Chapter at Syracuse University

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Abstract/Description: Scrapbook of the Sigma Nu chapter at Syracuse University. The scrapbook was created and maintained while in the chapter by R. Michael Murray (Syracuse University 1965). The scrapbook was restored in 2009 for a class reunion. The scrapbook is roughly 120 pages in length (when including various multi-page documents in the book). The book was a wood front and back cover with metal decorative hinges. The pages are held in the book by a leather string.

The book includes various pictures, documents and news clippings from the chapter from 1961 through 1965.

Attached to the back cover in a modern plastic sleeve are two additional documents: Misadventures of a Purple Pilgrim written by R. Michael Murray (Syracuse University 1965) and a 1964 Syracuse Fiji publication. These documents stand on their own and are included in this digital repository.

Subject(s): Sigma Nu
Sigma Nu; Syracuse University