Ellis B. Gregg (Jefferson College 1848) letter to James Elliott (Jefferson College 1848) from January 1, 1850

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Abstract/Description: Letter from Ellis B. Gregg (Jefferson College 1848) to James Elliott (Jefferson College 1848) dated January 1, 1850. The four page letter also includes the original envelope.

The letter includes details of a meeting held among Ellis Bailey Gregg, Thomas W.B. Crews (Jefferson College 1851) and Samuel Wilson (Jefferson College 1848). The meeting discussed several issues concerning the "future welfare of the order". Proposed changes to the Constitution included the logistics surrounding expansion to other campuses and the role of the Legate in these expansions. Another proposal discussed degrees of membership in which the final level would be obtained the evening before graduation from College.

An additional proposal was allowing for "old graduates or alumni" of respective colleges to be initiated into Phi Gamma Delta.

Gregg was aware that Phi Gamma Delta could be a "temporary and local affair" if actions were not taken to expand.

It is clear that the early initiates of Phi Gamma Delta remained active and influential in the development of the Fraternity after graduation.

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