Fort Armstrong, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Abstract/Description: Fort Armstrong

Founding Site of Phi Gamma Delta

The Founders first met in John T. McCarty's (Jefferson College 1848) upstairs corner room in the boarding house known as "Fort Armstrong." The building was torn down in 1916 despite efforts by the Fraternity to purchase it. The Fraternity was able, however, to buy the foundation stones, and gave two to each chapter.

The History of Phi Gamma Delta, Tomos Alpha describes the visit by William F. Chamberlin (Denison 1894). He managed to salvage a few relics prior to the building's demolition. Before you visit, be sure to read this section of Tomos Alpha.

Currently a garage occupies this lot. The site is marked by a plaque placed by the Fraternity in 1948.

On E. College Street at corner with Greenside, opposite the Log Cabin and middle school.

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